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The HBCNA operates as a non-profit corporation. The HBCNA represents a community of thirteen streets located on the Hudson Bend Peninsula, on Lake Travis in Austin, Texas. The purpose of the association shall be to protect and promote the quality of life and the value of property in our neighborhood. Membership is open to all persons interested in the objectives of the association regardless of race, creed, sex, or national origin. The association has two levels of membership. The designation and qualifications of members are as follows. A “Regular Member” is an owner of record of at least one property in the Hudson Bend Colony No. 1 and or No. 2 and wishes to support the objectives of the association, agrees to abide by its bylaws and pay annual dues. An “Associate Member” is any other individual interested in the objectives of the association, agrees to abide by its bylaws and pay annual dues.


Current Issues for HBCNA


After a 1-2 year hiatus, the HBCNA is alive and well after a meeting held on February 9th.

Below is a summary of items discussed:


  • Some history of the HBCNA was recounted by various former board members and longtime residents. 
  • The need for an updated email list of members.
  • The existence of the group’s website and the need to update it. The suggestion that a “join the HBCNA” feature be added to the website was made and well received.
  • The Austin Neighborhood Council is an umbrella organization of homeowner associations ad it was suggested that we join it. The annual dues are a modest $50, so most felt that this would be a reasonable expenditure.
  • The suggestion was made that some sort of affiliation or coordination with other neighborhood associations located on the Hudson Bend peninsula would strengthen all of the groups.
  • Once reactivated, the HBCNA could act as a voice for the homeowners when issues involving governmental or regulatory bodies arise. Examples of such bodies are: LCRA, Travis County, permitting agencies, and environmental authorities.
  • It was suggested that the group that pushed for incorporation a few years ago might have some maps that would be useful. Additionally, maps and other documents from earlier in the HBCNA’s history are still extant and should be collected and possibly placed on the website.
  • Several people spoke about traffic issues. Road utilization has increased as development grew, but road capacity has not grown.
  • Several new commercial ventures have appeared in our service area. It was suggested that we should have some way of confirming that they are following all of the rules; many believe that today they are not.
  • There was a general consensus that we should create a landscape budget for the marker. In particular the century plant has flowered (the bract is still visible), which will necessitate its replacement.

On Saturday, February 23rd the newly elected HBCNA Board of Directors will meet at 16304 E Lake Shore Dr. from 9:00 to 10:00 am to address many of the items listed above.

All HBCNA area families are invited to attend as well.

About Us